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Multi functional portable power station

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Multi functional portable solar power station


Home, Outdoors, Office

Output Voltage (V):


Load Power (W):


Solar Power (W):


Work Time (h):

24 Hours

Battery type& capacity:

Li- ion 18650&404WH

Charging method:

AC Wall Charger (120W)/ DC Car Charger (48W) Solar Charger (120W)

AC Output power:

Output Power 300W (Pure Sine Wave) Peak Output Power 600W

DC Output:

4 X USB port 1 X 12V Car port 2 X

PV charging:

MPPT 120W /4H

On/off Grid:

Off Grid

Product Size:


Product weight:



Multifunctional power station for home, outdoor, car jump starter

Charging your portable solar power generator AC power supply energy storage system

Charge info: Before using or storing, plug your PSS into the wall until it is fully charged. Note: never charge your PPS with solar panels and a wall charger at the same time.

LCD battery display: The LCD battery display indicates the charge level. there are 5 segments of the battery, approximating 20%-40%-60%-80%-100% capacity.

During usage segments will disappear from the display, indicating the remaining capacity. When charging your PPS, you will notice a battery segment blinking at a 1 second interval.

This indicates the current charge status and the number under input shows the real-time charging power. Once it is fully charged, all battery segments will be lit and remain solid.

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